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Such tests can detect the presence in the body of narcotics substances.
A toxicology helps increase confidence in the staff to be recruited considerable reducing risks to which companies can be exposed, to ignore the lifestyle of employees.


Anti doping tests is a sensitive issue for businesses requiring advice and application experts. Early detection of these substances in one of your staff or a prospect brings great benefits that are mentioned below.



  • Optimization and / or reduction in the costs of errors and losses caused by its employees.
  • Low rate of accidents at work when staff is without the influence of drugs and / or alcohol, resulting in a low level of risk, with the Mexican Institute of Social Security.
  • Savings in insurance premium payments, for theft and losses in its facilities and transportation.
  • Significant reduction in economic losses caused by absenteeism, theft, or fraud.
  • Considerable decrease in legal costs to hire, train and fire employees frequently.

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